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Newsprint Packing Paper 24" x 30" Sheets - Pack of 100 Sheets

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Use packing paper for protecting and cushioning items during shipping or storage.

Packing paper is also used to fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent things from shifting or moving during transit, absorb moisture, and provide protection against scratches and other damage.

It is an economical and reliable solution for protecting fragile items during transport. The strong construction helps ensure your items arrive safe and sound.

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Newsprint Packing Paper 24" x 30" Sheets - Pack of 100 Sheets

The Hidden Dangers of Using Old Newspapers for Packing

Using newspaper for packing can pose several dangers:

  1. Ink Transfer: The ink from the newspaper can rub off onto the items being packed, leaving stains or marks that can be difficult to remove.
  2. Weak Protection: Newspaper is a thin and flimsy material that provides little cushioning or protection. It may not be enough to prevent damage to fragile or delicate items during shipping or storage.
  3. Health Concerns: The ink and paper dust from the newspaper can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and skin irritation. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin or pre-existing health conditions.

For these reasons, using purpose-made packing materials, such as packing paper specifically designed for packing, is recommended, providing better protection and safety than newspapers.

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