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Flat Screen TV Cover

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  • Open bottom slips over top of TV.
  • Fits flats screens up to 65" TV.
  • Protect against dirt, dust, and debris.
  • 1/16 Foam with 1mil Poly Film.
  • Cover Dimensions: 36” x 65”
  • Ideal for moving, protecting against nicks and scratches.

Quick Tips & Tricks

Flat Screen TV Cover

PackRite Flat TV Cover the perfect protection solution in a bag!

Perfect for Storage or Moving Day, fits up to 65" slim flat screen TVs, Large format Art Frames or Pictures and Mirrors.

Easy installation, the material allows the use of tape or any other element to secure, wrap and pack your items.

The Poly Foam materials along with the 1mil Poly Film enhances the extra protection against dust, liquids and scratches.

Complete Your Moving Kit: