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File Storage Boxes (1.1 Cubic Feet) - 20 Boxes/Bundle

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A file storage box is designed to hold and protect important documents, paperwork, and files during a move or storage.

The strong and lightweight cardboard box makes it an ideal solution for safe and secure storage. Its heavy-duty construction will protect your documents from dust, dirt, moisture, and other elements.

Here are some items that you can pack in a file storage box:

  • Legal documents
  • Financial records
  • Personal records
  • Office paperwork
  • and more!

Quick Tips & Tricks

File Storage Boxes (1.1 Cubic Feet) - 20 Boxes/Bundle

Keep it with you!

When moving, there are certain items that you may want to personally move rather than entrusting them to a moving company or packing them in a box for transport.

These items are often packed in file storage boxes. Make sure to properly mark boxes that you or a trusted person should personally move.

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