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Box Cutters (Pack of 2)

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A box cutter is a cutting tool that is used to cut and open boxes or other types of packaging. It consists of a handle and a retractable razor blade that can be extended to make cuts and then retracted for safety.

Quick Tips & Tricks

Box Cutters (Pack of 2)

How to Break-Down Boxes:

First, remove any tape or stickers on the box with a box cutter.

Next, use the box cutter to slice through the top and bottom flaps of the box, making sure to cut along the creases where they fold.

Once both sets of flaps are cut, gently fold them inward toward the center of the box.

Next, use the box cutter to slice through any remaining pieces of tape or cardboard that are holding the box together.

Finally, flatten the box by pressing down on it with your hands or using a heavy object to weigh it down.

This method ensures that the box is broken down safely and efficiently for disposal or storage.

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