Why a Wardrobe Box is Perfect for Your Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Why a Wardrobe Box is Perfect for Your Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Moving can be a stressful process. From organizing and packing to the actual move, ensuring that all your belongings arrive at their new destination in one piece is a top priority. This task becomes even more crucial for those with a collection of dolls or a cherished stash of stuffed animals. Enter the wardrobe box. While many know this tall, sturdy box as a solution for transporting clothes, it offers an unexpected benefit for transporting dolls and stuffed animals.

Here's why:

1. Size and Structure:

The most immediate benefit of the wardrobe box is its size. Its tall design allows dolls to stand upright, preventing potential damage or bending. Stuffed animals, especially those that are bigger and don't fit well in standard boxes, can be accommodated easily without squishing them out of shape.

2. Protective Bar:

The hanging bar isn't just for clothes. Dolls with stands or loops can be suspended, ensuring they don't bump into each other. This is particularly beneficial for collectible dolls with intricate details or costumes that need to remain pristine.

3. Prevents Compression:

Stuffed animals are soft and squishy, which means they can become misshapen if packed too tightly in a regular box. The spacious wardrobe box ensures that each plush toy can maintain its shape.

4. Easy Visibility:

It's beneficial to see what you've packed without digging through a box when packing and unpacking. You can quickly inventory and organize them without rummaging by standing dolls and larger stuffed animals upright in a wardrobe box.

5. Multi-Functionality:

The bottom of the wardrobe box still has space, even with items hanging above. This is the perfect place to store doll accessories, smaller plush toys, or even playsets. It becomes a one-stop solution for all related items.

6. Sturdy and Secure:

Wardrobe boxes are designed to protect. Their double-walled cardboard design ensures that the contents remain safe from external pressures. This sturdiness provides peace of mind, especially for vintage dolls or limited-edition stuffed animals.

7. Easy Transportation:

Our wardrobe boxes are easy to lift and transport. Their uniform size means they're also easy to stack, ensuring that all your cherished items can be moved in one go.

Popular doll brands that are packed are:

  1. Barbie (by Mattel)
  2. American Girl
  3. Madame Alexander
  4. Monster High (by Mattel)
  5. Bratz (by MGA Entertainment)
  6. Blythe (originally by Kenner, now by Takara)
  7. L.O.L. Surprise! (by MGA Entertainment)
  8. Cabbage Patch Kids
  9. Our Generation (by Battat)
  10. Ever After High (by Mattel)
  11. Pullip (by Groove)
  12. Tonner Doll Company
  13. Integrity Toys (Fashion Royalty line)
  14. Reborn Dolls (by various artists)
  15. Journey Girls (by Toys "R" Us)
  16. Adora
  17. My Little Pony Equestria Girls (by Hasbro)
  18. Nancy (by Famosa)
  19. Götz Dolls
  20. Paola Reina
  21. Corolle
  22. Nenuco (by Famosa)
  23. Baby Alive (by Hasbro)
  24. Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families (while they're anthropomorphic animal figures, they often get categorized with dolls)
  25. Sindy (originally by Pedigree, then Hasbro)


Popular stuffed animal brands that are packed include:

  1. Steiff
  2. Gund
  3. Ty Inc. (makers of Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos)
  4. Jellycat
  5. Build-A-Bear Workshop
  6. Aurora World
  7. Douglas Cuddle Toys
  8. Wild Republic
  9. Folkmanis 
  10. Melissa & Doug
  11. Manhattan Toy
  12. Hansa 
  13. Boyds Bears
  14. Squishmallows
  15. Disney Store 
  16. Sanrio (makers of Hello Kitty and other characters)
  17. Russ Berrie
  18. Webkinz 
  19. Pusheen 
  20. Rilakkuma 
  21. Fiesta Toy
  22. Mary Meyer
  23. FAO Schwarz
  24. Charlie Bears
  25. NICI

In conclusion, while the primary use of the wardrobe box might be for clothes, its design and features make it an ideal choice for moving dolls and stuffed animals. Whether you're a collector, a parent, or someone with sentimental attachments to these items, consider the wardrobe box as your solution for a damage-free move.

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