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School Moves: Top 10 Reasons Why Back to School is the Ideal Time for a New Home

School Moves: Top 10 Reasons Why Back to School is the Ideal Time for a New Home

School Moves: Top 10 Reasons Why Back to School is the Ideal Time for a New Home

Moving can be a challenging experience for anyone. For families, the decision to move comes with a lot of considerations—budget, neighborhood, proximity to work, and more. But one factor that often gets overlooked is timing, specifically regarding the school year.

Believe it or not, back-to-school season can be the perfect time to make a move. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 reasons why moving when the kids are going back to school might just be the ideal choice for your family.

1. Seamless Academic Transition

When you move during the back-to-school period, your children are less likely to miss out on important lessons. They can start the new academic year at a new school, rather than trying to catch up midway. This makes it easier for them to adjust to the curriculum and make friends.

2. Fresh Start for Everyone

A new school year often symbolizes a fresh start. Combine that with moving to a new home, and you have a powerful formula for positive change. This can be particularly beneficial for kids who may have had a challenging previous year socially or academically.

3. End-of-Summer Sales

August and September are renowned for back-to-school sales, which often extend to home goods and furniture. You'll likely find deals on everything you need for your new home—bedding, kitchenware, and even electronics.

4. Availability of Moving Services

Summer is the peak moving season. By timing your move around back-to-school season, you'll have a better chance of hiring top-notch moving services without the peak season prices or limitations on availability.

5. Cooler Weather

Depending on where you live, the intense heat of mid-summer can make moving uncomfortable or even dangerous. Late summer or early autumn offers more temperate conditions, making it easier for everyone involved.

6. Real Estate Market

In many regions, the real estate market starts to cool down towards the end of summer. Sellers eager to make a sale before winter sets in may be more open to negotiation, providing you with better options within your budget.

7. Community Introduction

The back-to-school period often coincides with community events, sports sign-ups, and PTA meetings. This makes it an ideal time to get to know your new community and for your children to make new friends.

8. Simpler Logistics

Coordinating a move is often easier when the kids are in school during the day. This allows you time to unpack, organize, and settle into your new home without the added stress of keeping the little ones entertained.

9. Alignment with Work Calendars

Most work environments become busier as the year progresses towards the holiday season. Moving during the back-to-school season means you can take advantage of a generally quieter time at work to focus on your move.

10. Enhanced Focus on Family

With the kids in school and the home gradually taking shape, parents are more likely to have time to focus on the family. Whether it’s selecting new activities for the kids or planning family outings in the new locale, moving during the back-to-school season can bring a family closer together.


While combining a move with back-to-school preparations might seem overwhelming, it is often the most efficient and least stressful option for families. So if you've been contemplating a move, consider the idea of doing it around the back-to-school season. It could be the best decision you've made for your family's future.

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